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How it Works

This application makes it easy for healthcare providers to submit their needs for personal protective equipment and medical devices. Once requests are in, our community of producers manufacture the necessary equipment. This equipment is sent to processing providers for sanitization/sterilization and delivered to healthcare providers. These three actors working together, allow us to meet rising demands for medical supplies.
Healthcare Providers
Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers of all types are able to use the site to make requests for specific personal protective equipment. Upon registration, healthcare providers will be hand-verified and granted the authority to submit PPE requests.

The requests will be advertised to a large network of business manufactures and community contributors, who will aim to meet and deliver these needs. Upon receiving produced and sterilized equipment, hospitals will verify the equipment for quality assurance and deploy it for use.

All equipment deployed will be tracked back to contributors to quantify and memorialize their participation in this effort. Contributors who do not meet the desired quality assurance threshold will be barred from delivering equipment in the future.
Community makers and manufacturing businesses, both large and small, are invited to leverage their talents to produce critical equipment to address the needs of the health care system.

Producers will be able to make pledges to fulfill specific needs declared by healthcare providers. Upon completing the equipment, the application will provide the producer with instructions on where and how to deliver the equipment to either the hospital, in cases where the hospital can sterilize the equipment, or to a processing entity that will sterilize the equipment before delivering it to the end user.
Processing entities are organizations with the means to sterilize PPE and deliver this equipment to the end user. Processors engage in cases where the healthcare provider receiving the equipment is unable to conduct in-house sterilization.

Upon registration, processors will be hand-verified to ensure they have proper equipment and procedures in place to sterilize various forms of PPE. Producers will be automatically routed to send their productions to either a processing entity or the end-user for sterilization.

Video Guides

Guide for Producers

Guide for Healthcare Providers